Puerto Rican X-Mas 101 [Ch. 3]

Chapter 3

Ok now it is the time for the gifts. I have to say that i wish I had like 10 years again. The gifts were way better, cheaper, more affordable and we got more gifts from out parents. So true. I shouldn't be complaining at all anyways cause I didnt bought a thing for my family. Nothing. Nada. Even if I could I wouldn't know what to get them. Well I know what I could buy dad, but mom and my sister I would use those now famous gift cards that are such a blessing for times like this. Anyways I got two purse a big one that have haves Snow White on it and another one that is black/red from Gap from my sister. My mom got me something for the hair a curling iron [no clue... sorry mom :)], a purple boxer with skulls [pretty]. Ohh my mom and dad [had to be them] got me the speakers for my Zune [Yey!!!] so now I dont have to buy them which is awesomely great. Still we have Los Reyes Magos day [Three King day]= happy triking day. We will see what happens. Hope you all got what you need.