Puerto Rican X-Mas 101 [Ch. 1]

Chapter 1

Yes. I am puertorican and yes we celebrate X-Mas with flavor. We dont eat pavo [turkey] on X-Mas eve or day. We eat pernil, arroz con gandules y pasteles [no... no tortas o cakes.. pasteles] The pasteles are made from plantanos o yucas and are filled up inside with pork, chicken, or any meet [wonder if someone have ever tried tofu on that... yuk!!! sorry dont like tofu]. So you might be wondering how a typical serving on a X-Mas day shold look. Well wonder no more. It is here. Ohh.. I am missing la morcilla [cause I dont eat dont eat it anymore, long story..]. What is morcilla [ha ha] dont ask just sit back tell someone to give you a piece and enjoy you will like it believe me. After you eat it then ask what is morcilla. You can also add ensalda de coditos, lechuga [green salad or any kind of salad] and I miseed out the postres and coquito too. For postres we had arroz con dulce and majarete made by mi abuelo amazing. Ohh and the coquito se acabo y no tenia rum cause in my house people dont drink so.. Pero believe me you HAVE to try it with rum. I made the adobo for los perniles and damn they were good. My dad cooked them up as always. I will take pics of the house and thing so you get an idea of how we celebrate and decor the house.

Ok so here the pictures.

From top to bottom: pernil while it is getting cooked, then all sliced up, arroz con gandules, pasteles [una yunta], and the full service]