I will wait.

I went to bed but couldnt sleep. Thinking on so many stuff that I would like to tell you but i cant. not because I dont want to i just cant. Too many things are on the way. like always. I dont even know if all this will last more than it was supposed to last. What am I saying? I dont know if this is something. Ha! This is nothing again i fell for the same story. I feel like I am loving too much but how you messure love? Is there a way to do it? NO!!! There isnt. I still have faith in this nonesense. Saw something today that gave me hope yet again I dont want to gain it cause i might loose it again.

I dont know what you want from me. What you expect from me to wait. to be there. To be patient with al this. To lie? The other day I was pondering on this situation. I was caught reading information I never cared for. I dont even know why I am doing all this question all this "research". Seems like deep inside me I feel for you more than I thought I would. It is not fair. All this is not fair for any of the sides. I try to look up for something that tells me this is the right path you should take. Go thru here it will hurt less. i dont want to stop feeling all this. cause i like it. I like caring for someone for once. To wonder what is going on our side on your life on your days. I cant get inside you and tell you to change i dont want you to change I want you to evolve and become someone great. cause you can be Great.. dont you ever doubt that.

I cant sleep. i just can pretend everything is ok like nothing happen yet there are so many things that keep reminding me of your sole existence. like this thing I saw today. You could do that. You can be that I believe in you but then what? If you change and I dont. What are we going to do. step aside turn back time ask for forgiveness, CRY!!!!? no.... no... that cant happen. that wont happen. 2:39am i still here. you might be sleeping. maybe you dont even thinks not even half the things that come thru my mind. then again maybe you do and you are doing the same I dont know thar for sure. i will wait I will wait. Just said I will wait.