Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I have to...

I have to...
by: Reavel

I have to stop lying to myself.
I know that some days I wont be able to deny it.
I feel unfaithfull.
I dont trust myself around you.
It hurts, it bothers me but I am into you.

I have to stopt lying to myself.
I want to feel you some times.
I just wish things were different and that you were mine.
That I could be around you and give you what I have.

I have to stop lying to myself.
At nights I still want you.
When I listen to you I want you.
It feels adventurous.
It feels akward but I can lie to myself anymore.

I have to stop lying to myself.
I am your mistress. Yes I am.
I have been yours when you dont have her.
You have been mine even when I never had you.
I have been used. I used you too.

I have to stop lying to myself
I have to stop making an excuse.
I have to...

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