I got a Munny

YEY!!! I got a Munny today.

I went to the comic convention today with my friends. Before leaving my house I said to myself that I wasnt going to buy a thing at the convenction... right!!! While I was walking around the YMCA facility I was like well I am safe there is nothing that caught all my complete attention. UNTIL.... I saw the damn Munny box.... I went blind and asked away how mucht it was worth and now I have it on my house all cute and all. It is white [of course] I have to paint it cause it is a DIY [Do It Yourself] things well not things TOYS. Very popular. As you all know I will obviously upload the final look of the Munny when it is done. I still dont know what to do on it. I sis some research but I cant get the markers that are the best ones for that. So .. I will use my acrylic paint and sharpie markers for now I guess. I am trying not to explore too much yet cause I want it to look like something mine with my style etc... so dont expect anything amazing ha,ha...

+Info: Munny @ kidrobot.com

On other notes: I finally fixed my damn cellphone that it was driving me crazy. I am very happy it was a nice day. Also I bought the Hellsing Anime Series :D

It is raining... hmm I wonder how you are now... miss you...


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