First thanks to the ALL MIGHTY... who is besides me all the time even when I ignore HIM cause he loved me enough to keep me safe 29 years ago. So I must have some purpose here. I am thankful for all that he gave me. I am greatful of my parents. Even when the house sometimes feels like a battlefield I love them to death but sometimes they get on my nerves :D. My sister that is around me all times fixing my mistakes and gicing me honesty all they way. I love you girl.

Today I celebrate not my birthday but every day that made all this 29 years worth living. I have been thru many things. Still have a lot of things to do on my life. The time keeps runing faster than before. Never thought I get this close to feel old.

I have faith for I am alive.
I am a believer cause a miracle I am.
I have many things that I never fight for.
And the things I fight for I never have.
that is life that is what all this is about.
Counting the days the blessings and stones on our path the same that will make higher our walls when we fortify our soul against the hate, the heartache and the curse of the damns.

Today I celebrate life.
The life that I dream of.
the life that I have gain.
The power that i get every day when I awake.

And I even when I get older and I have to crawl instead of walking I will be greatful. All the dificulties will make me a better person, with a better stronger soul. I havve my friends the ones that I count on with no in this present life. The ones I lost along the way dont you ever think I forgot you. I am just keeping distance but I am never away.

I give thanks for the talents that I have. Using them or not I am greatful everyday of them cause they are my escape and tool to help other be happy or just feel good. For that and many other things... I am happy.

So for me...