Blogging Around

Well this festive days seems there is nothing good to do besides blogging. Even when I do it all the days lately. I am happy anyways cause I found some good blogs so it was worth it. Here I will add some info on those blogs that I found at least today.

[pajaro en mano]

This blog is from some illustrations made by Luciana Feito from Buenos Aires Argentina. You should check it out. Her description of the blog is Vida Ilustrada [Life Illustrated]. I enjoyed very much her illustrations very "simple" and colorful. She is also part of a blog dedicated entierly and exclusively to kids illustrations called were you can unite and share your works with other artists. She started [pajaro en mano] in may 2006 and her blogs get very much comments. So pay a visit to the lady cause you will enjoy it too. You can also find some of her works on Illustration Friday [IF].

El blog de Gabi Campanario

Now this blog is from sketches and drawings made by Gabi Campanario from Spain but lives in Seattle, Washington, USA. He have worked in many places, newspapers but now he is working for the The Seattle Times. His works are fascinating. Liked them very much also. Also liked the little details he writes down with the arrows as marking were things should go. Even when they are sketches they are well done and defined. Some in colors and from normal daily places what makes it look like a diary. He started the blog on october 2006. Also check his account you can have a better look to his works. Again pay a visit to this fellow cause his works are amazing to.

On a side NOTE I am very happy to see that both are latinos so that made me feel very proud to see that their works is exposed here and available to others. So to them thanks for sharing your gift with the world. I didnt added any of the works cause didnt feel like it was a right thing to do. But once you go to their sites you can see what I am talking about. Enjoy.