Mr. Brooks

Yeah this is about Mr. Brooks [movie]. I have to say that I love this movie. Well picture this man of the year and a vicious killer at night. I loved the situation that this Mr. Earl Brooks is into. It was wonderful to see Mr. Costner do another kind of character [bad guy/good guy.. dont know who to explain it] Anyways thing is that we rented the movie to see this Thanks Giving day after the turkey eating. We sat down in our living room laughing along the movie. Makes me wonder why we laugh when the movie is about a serial killer that is addicted to killing people and his daughter also haves his same "sickness/addiction". But... it was fun to watch.

Love the parts when he was talking with Marshall or when they just "looked" at each other and laugh at the whole commentary at that moment. It was just wonderful the way they try to explain his addiction and why he does this. Also the first killing in the movie was glorious I have to say. Sex scene then shot them right on the head. Then he burns the evidence in hit playing room so methodically in every step of the way. Dane Cook was awesome on the movie. He almost drive me crazy with his "urge" to see some killing. He becomes from a voyeur to a killer apprentice but fails on the way of becoming one. But I think he did a pretty good work with the character. Also "Marshall" was funny as hell very well played to. Reminded me of Fight Club all those scenes to be honest.

Now the girl was stupid Jane was her name.. Ahh!! She needed to hang out more with her dad and learn some stuff.. but I have to give it to her she tried. Then mother not so important on the movie so I consider it a cameo from the CSI girl [love her role on the series by the way.] Demi Moore playing the rich rebel girl that wants to proof her dad she doesnt need him [buahhh] but the part when she goes flying out of the van and hits the car awesome... completely awesome. She did a good acting there I believed she was a biatch big time. Ohh another good scene is the one in the hallway with this guy that Demi was hunting down perfect the shooting in the dark hallway then he kills his girl and suicides on the same take.

Yeah little bloody I have become I know but it was realy good I was even impressed. Also the song Vicious Tradition by The Veils is AMAZING. that song is so awesome the sound, the voices all around good fantastique the video is also good check it here I added it. Do check the rest of the soundtrack if you can. It is a must have.

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Vicious Tradition by The Veils