Magazine / Book Hunting

Today I went to Borders and got three wonderful art related magazines today.
Here the list:

Juztapox: Love this magazine cause it expose the present artists on the street and galleries. Urban styles unknown styles. It goes from traditional to digital with just a flip of a page. It also covers body art [tattoo], cars customization and all kinds of arts. Gives you details about the artists in their interviews. Where to go and see art in what galleries. Very good magazine for the artists this days. In this issue that I am talking about [nov .07 | no.82] features Shepard Fairey art on the cover [his stencil work is awesome you should check it out too].

CMYK: This magazine is more about designing [ads, posters, campaigns, packing, etc.] In this issue [no.38 | fall 2007] called the Porfolio: The Class of Fall 2007. They judge students porfolios in Advertising, Design, Photography and Illustration. More than 110 selections from over 70 students representing 35 schools and universities around the world. Then on page 63 starts the features which are calendar, book reviews, innovation, idea, education, icon and inspiration. they have a nice report on wallpapers saying that designers are making them more unique with bolder ideas of using them [should check that might become useful seems that wallpapers will be back again but trendier than before which is a plus].

Giant Robot: This magazine is really new to me. Never saw it before [sad I know]. It is related to asian pop culture and beyond [just like the magazine says :) ] I bought the no.50 issue [display thru december]. This issue they celebrate the 50 first issues display every cover from the first one that was $2 until this one that is at $4.99. The first issue was released on September 1994 and was a photocopy issue. So for that I can say it is a long way from that but all worth it I might say for what I saw on the magazine. They also include some anime things, museums informations, interviews and other intersting things all asian culture related. Why I bought it? Just because I like asian culture and art. I am Learning about them. Also I liked the Illustration on the cover made by David Choe [King David] it caught my attention.

+ INFO on the magazines:
Giant Robot:

Stick them Good

I also bought a sketch book were I can place the stickers I get when I trade mine.

Book: Sticker City [Paper Graffiti Art]
by: Claudia Walde

I thought that now that I am getting into this "sticker mania" I should learn about stickers history. Don't you think? So while I was at Borders I went to the art area trying to find something stickers related or just street art related. I found this book Sticker City [paper graffiti art]. I looked it up at the store and saw some awesome works that I have seen before like Swoon, Obey and Thundercut. It haves amazing photographs of works from artists from around the world. I got it at $25 at the store but I guess you can check it out online too and maybe buy it for less. It haves 192 pages. I am very pleased with the book. Learned about other styles, kinds, gluing techniques and of course the artist that are doing this art form right now around the globe. The author Claudia Walde led a double life as a graffiti artist in her native Germany while studying communications design.

It is divided on three chapters:

Yesterday: where they describe or give a breif history on the origin of the stickers and who it all started and the people that started.
Today: They just show with amazing photographs the way stickers are made today and all the variety of styles, papers that are out on the street [paper, plastic, wood, vinyl, etc.] They also feature some artists and the process of making this art works.
Tomorrow: This is just the look of this art form in the future and the possible names and techniques that will be or are been developed for that "moment".

+INFO on the book:
Sticker City [paper graffiti art] check this link