imadethismistake is a folk, accoustic and indie band from Tallahassee, Florida, USA. The band members are Kylewilliam Campol [singer/writer], Dave Augustad [drums] and Evan McEvan [bass]. YOu can find more of their music on their myspace. imadethismistake will be soon on tour in Europe [the dates will be posted on their myspaces as well.

How I found them?
Well a friend send me a link to a video on and you know that on the right side there are other videos so I looked and saw one that said love. So after the one I was watching ended I clicked on that one and saw the video. I like the song but I need to find the lyrics to it. This songs haves 2 parts. The video here is the [2] part. The [1] part you can also find it on youtube. I heard it and it is like when he is falling in love and this second part is like when he looses love or something like that. Thing is that I enjoyed it. The songs I enjoyed the most are The Chalkline Angel and My Sins and you can find them on their myspace [link provided below].

+Info on imadethismistake: