Fly Away

This is really special for me for many reason.

This was a request from someone I really love in so many ways. Due to many reasons against our will that someone isn't around the way I would like but in the mean while... I <3 U

"And fly away from Anywhere Yeah, I don't care We'll just fly away from here our hopes and dreams Are out there somewhere Won't let time pass us by We'll just fly Did we see a bluer sky now? You can have a better life now Open your eyes Cuz no one here can ever stop us They can try but we won't let them"

I would like to thank ~kizioko for making me wonder thru her works and dont know.. guess how she does it. I cant draw or paint that good but I just try to use my style with that style of painting.. I like it either way cause as you have seen I hardly work with watercolors.. so I am really proud and happy of how it came out.