Do you see skin the way we do?

Do you see skin the way we do?
"Your skin is amazing. It's your waterproof barrier. It's how you sense and adjust to your surroundings. Constantly growing and replacing itself. It's easy to take skin and all of its properties for granted, but we never did. For years we've marveled at skin and have developed products to help keep it amazing."

That is the message the Vaseline company is delivering with this fantastic adds. I have to say that this adds are so good and needed. You see all this media giving props to tanning when you find the rest of the world saying protect yourself from the sun. People don't know what to do. So it was about time that a campaign like this came up. This generation is not caring for their skin. In my house we really use this vaseline and not only vaseline but skin products cause we live in the tropics and the sun hits us big time all year long.

It is sad that people only take care of their skin when they know they have an illness skin related. We shouldn't wait to go to the dermatologist so he tells us we need to take care of our skin. there are some illness that can be controlled others can but if we take care of it buy using vaseline or any other products then we dont do it.

We DO have a wonderful skin that grows with us, dies, changes, suffers and fight with us every day. That is just amazing. So yeah SKIN is amazing and we carry it every day. Be proud of the skin you are in. It is the only one you have and will have so love the skin you are in.

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