Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Estamos regalando y perdiendo a Puerto Rico

Estamos regalando y perdiendo a Puerto Rico. Despierta Boricua:
Una conversacion entre personas.

Session Start: Wednesday, November 28, 2007
[Φ] REAVEL [Φ] No One will get on the way of what I feel for You.
El éxito tiene muchos padres, pero el fracaso es huérfano.

(3:17 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: bendicion
(3:17 PM) El éxito tiene m: DTB
(3:17 PM) El éxito tiene m: como estas?
(3:17 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: good.... u?
(3:19 PM) El éxito tiene m: i'm doing well, thax
(3:19 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: cool
(3:19 PM) El éxito tiene m: aqui escuchando musica de campo
(3:19 PM) El éxito tiene m: :D
(3:19 PM) El éxito tiene m: y de mi tierra
(3:19 PM) El éxito tiene m: navide~a
(3:19 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: que nice
(3:19 PM) El éxito tiene m: sip
(3:20 PM) El éxito tiene m: siempre la vivo aunque este lejos
(3:20 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: hehe i am tired already de esa musica la vecina de al frente es dominicana pero me tiene loca con la musica esa
(3:20 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: hehe
(3:20 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: so yeah i get my daily dosis
(3:20 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: i mean la tenia para el bday de su nieto...
(3:20 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: como entretenimiento

(3:21 PM) El éxito tiene m: dominiki
(3:21 PM) El éxito tiene m: lol
(3:21 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: sip pero ella vive aca hace mucho hehe
(3:21 PM) El éxito tiene m: esa gente se kedaran con PR
(3:21 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: sip
(3:22 PM) El éxito tiene m: ya Santurce es de ellos
(3:22 PM) El éxito tiene m: y muchas areas en el area metro
(3:22 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: si mano carolina va en proceso riopiedras ni se diga

(3:23 PM) El éxito tiene m: y no es por sonar racista, pero el puertorrique~o no hace nada por sacarlo
(3:24 PM) El éxito tiene m: y estoy muy conciente que muchos estan inlegales
(3:24 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: lo que pasa es que ellos hacen el trabajo que la gente de aca no queire hacer y para colmo lo hacen bien y por menos..
(3:24 PM) El éxito tiene m: ya le quieren pegar a los boricuas en su propio patio
(3:24 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: sin embargo la gente de aca. cobran mucho y estan bien chapuseros..
(3:25 PM) El éxito tiene m: en PR va a pasar como en E.U, el mejicano viene y se mete donde sea y es cheap labor
(3:26 PM) El éxito tiene m: pero el problema de PR es q se han americanisado mucho
(3:26 PM) El éxito tiene m: y ya existen muchos vagos
(3:27 PM) El éxito tiene m: Initiated a file transfer
(3:27 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: estamos americanizados desde hace decadas la gente no lo quiere aceptar..
(3:28 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: eso es otro tema

(3:28 PM) El éxito tiene m: jaaa, asi es
(3:29 PM) El éxito tiene m: ya el boricua no kiere doblarce a cembrar y trabajar la tierra
(3:29 PM) El éxito tiene m: anyway...
(3:29 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: nop
(3:30 PM) El éxito tiene m: en 10 a~os mas el area metro de PR sera de dominikis y no me solprendera ver un gobernador dominiki
(3:31 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: quien sabe
(3:32 PM) El éxito tiene m: al rumbo q va eso alla, no me solprendera y apuntalo que pasara
(3:32 PM) El éxito tiene m: lol
(3:32 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: jummm
(3:32 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: who knows..
(3:33 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: si pasa es pq dejaron q pasara
(3:33 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: ademas... yo no estoy en contra de que trabajen ni nada pq como te dije... ellos hacen lo que la gente aqui no quiere hacer..
(3:34 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: ejemplo.. como es posible que unos muchachos dominicanos... estan en una esquinita montaron una tiendita de vender verduras.. en su pick up y se estacionaban vendiendo platanas y cosas etc..

(3:35 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: pasan par de tiempo bajo el sol y a veces un poco de agua todos los dias super temprano pegan como a las 7am hasta aveces las 6pm y etan ahi vendiendo sus verduras... pasan par de anhos y ahroa compraron una esquinita de hecho la q estaba alfrente y tienen sendo puesto de vender verduras y siemrpe hay gente comprando ahi
(3:35 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: y tienen un mini colmadito al lado de las verduras
(3:37 PM) El éxito tiene m: como te dije, ya el boricua esta de vago, y no quiere progresar, por lo tanto permite y deja que el otro q no es de aqui le quite sus habichuelas
(3:38 PM) El éxito tiene m: y eso continuara
(3:38 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: no se las quita el extranjero no la quita nosotros se las estamos regalando..
(3:38 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: que es diferente lo mismo con la agricultura
(3:39 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: ahh vamos a vivir del cafe... claro y nadie quiere recoger cafe

(3:40 PM) El éxito tiene m: por eso es que digo, seguiran regandose como un virus
(3:41 PM) El éxito tiene m: hasta que tomen control de mucho mucho mas
(3:41 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: virus... nosotros somos virus en EU
(3:42 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: y peor pq tenemos derechos y privilegios en el pais

(3:43 PM) El éxito tiene m: si, aca somos un virus cronico porq si vas a los barrios latinos estan en una movida de vender drogas y pal carajo el resto, O, dejaver si me hago el loco y me dan el chekesito de SSI
(3:43 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: sip
(3:43 PM) El éxito tiene m: bueno, barrios donde se concentran los boricuas
(3:44 PM) El éxito tiene m: El boricua tiene la mala costumbre de ser CONFORMISTA
(3:44 PM) El éxito tiene m: y ese es el mayor problema
(3:45 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: sip y aprovechao
(3:45 PM) El éxito tiene m: que buen tema de discusion tenemos,uh
(3:45 PM) El éxito tiene m: lol
(3:45 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: sip
(3:45 PM) El éxito tiene m: deberiamos ponerlo en el blog
(3:45 PM) El éxito tiene m: lol
(3:46 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: uyy no me leas la mente haha eso estaba pensando... hmm bueno puedo darle copy paste y pegarlo hehe
(3:46 PM) El éxito tiene m: vamos hacerlo mas claro
(3:46 PM) El éxito tiene m: si deseas
(3:47 PM) El éxito tiene m: :)
(3:47 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: como que mas claro es que me voy horita hehe pq estoy en el work
(3:47 PM) El éxito tiene m: ohh,ok
(3:47 PM) El éxito tiene m: pues luego lo hacemos
(3:47 PM) El éxito tiene m: copy este
(3:47 PM) El éxito tiene m: y lo guardas en un text file
(3:47 PM) El éxito tiene m: o tu email
(3:49 PM) [Φ] REAVEL [Φ] N: sip sip

I missed you today.

Yes I really did miss you today. But I know you are OK.
Wish you were here, still.

Friday, November 23, 2007

This Our Mad Love.

This Our Mad Love...

this our mad love
that keeps us together
the distance seems like none
the love keeps is close
and not even the wall
can hold all this mad love
that keeps us together

there is no law on earth
only the heavenly one
that can make all this die
that can make all this fall apart.
for God put us on this path
this our mad love
shall last for some time
but maybe not forever.

this our mad love
born from causalities
or maybe destiny.
No, our destiny haven't been
written yet.
We give wings to it everyday.
A feather grows and helps it fly out
makes it go further than before
this our mad love.

Do you see skin the way we do?

Do you see skin the way we do?
"Your skin is amazing. It's your waterproof barrier. It's how you sense and adjust to your surroundings. Constantly growing and replacing itself. It's easy to take skin and all of its properties for granted, but we never did. For years we've marveled at skin and have developed products to help keep it amazing."

That is the message the Vaseline company is delivering with this fantastic adds. I have to say that this adds are so good and needed. You see all this media giving props to tanning when you find the rest of the world saying protect yourself from the sun. People don't know what to do. So it was about time that a campaign like this came up. This generation is not caring for their skin. In my house we really use this vaseline and not only vaseline but skin products cause we live in the tropics and the sun hits us big time all year long.

It is sad that people only take care of their skin when they know they have an illness skin related. We shouldn't wait to go to the dermatologist so he tells us we need to take care of our skin. there are some illness that can be controlled others can but if we take care of it buy using vaseline or any other products then we dont do it.

We DO have a wonderful skin that grows with us, dies, changes, suffers and fight with us every day. That is just amazing. So yeah SKIN is amazing and we carry it every day. Be proud of the skin you are in. It is the only one you have and will have so love the skin you are in.

Sea of Skin

Making of Sea of Skin


Thursday, November 22, 2007

Mr. Brooks

Yeah this is about Mr. Brooks [movie]. I have to say that I love this movie. Well picture this man of the year and a vicious killer at night. I loved the situation that this Mr. Earl Brooks is into. It was wonderful to see Mr. Costner do another kind of character [bad guy/good guy.. dont know who to explain it] Anyways thing is that we rented the movie to see this Thanks Giving day after the turkey eating. We sat down in our living room laughing along the movie. Makes me wonder why we laugh when the movie is about a serial killer that is addicted to killing people and his daughter also haves his same "sickness/addiction". But... it was fun to watch.

Love the parts when he was talking with Marshall or when they just "looked" at each other and laugh at the whole commentary at that moment. It was just wonderful the way they try to explain his addiction and why he does this. Also the first killing in the movie was glorious I have to say. Sex scene then shot them right on the head. Then he burns the evidence in hit playing room so methodically in every step of the way. Dane Cook was awesome on the movie. He almost drive me crazy with his "urge" to see some killing. He becomes from a voyeur to a killer apprentice but fails on the way of becoming one. But I think he did a pretty good work with the character. Also "Marshall" was funny as hell very well played to. Reminded me of Fight Club all those scenes to be honest.

Now the girl was stupid Jane was her name.. Ahh!! She needed to hang out more with her dad and learn some stuff.. but I have to give it to her she tried. Then mother not so important on the movie so I consider it a cameo from the CSI girl [love her role on the series by the way.] Demi Moore playing the rich rebel girl that wants to proof her dad she doesnt need him [buahhh] but the part when she goes flying out of the van and hits the car awesome... completely awesome. She did a good acting there I believed she was a biatch big time. Ohh another good scene is the one in the hallway with this guy that Demi was hunting down perfect the shooting in the dark hallway then he kills his girl and suicides on the same take.

Yeah little bloody I have become I know but it was realy good I was even impressed. Also the song Vicious Tradition by The Veils is AMAZING. that song is so awesome the sound, the voices all around good fantastique the video is also good check it here I added it. Do check the rest of the soundtrack if you can. It is a must have.

Movie Trailer

Vicious Tradition by The Veils

Monday, November 19, 2007


imadethismistake is a folk, accoustic and indie band from Tallahassee, Florida, USA. The band members are Kylewilliam Campol [singer/writer], Dave Augustad [drums] and Evan McEvan [bass]. YOu can find more of their music on their myspace. imadethismistake will be soon on tour in Europe [the dates will be posted on their myspaces as well.

How I found them?
Well a friend send me a link to a video on and you know that on the right side there are other videos so I looked and saw one that said love. So after the one I was watching ended I clicked on that one and saw the video. I like the song but I need to find the lyrics to it. This songs haves 2 parts. The video here is the [2] part. The [1] part you can also find it on youtube. I heard it and it is like when he is falling in love and this second part is like when he looses love or something like that. Thing is that I enjoyed it. The songs I enjoyed the most are The Chalkline Angel and My Sins and you can find them on their myspace [link provided below].

+Info on imadethismistake:

White Remix

Here is my first collab ever.

Dr.Salt I met him on and I enjoy very much his works and characters so it is an honor to make a collab with him. He is pretty young and lives in United Kingdom. He made a work named White. I fell in love with it so I asked for his permission and made a new white... so he called it White Remix.

Dr. Salt |

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Alice in Wonderland , Frankenweenie and Tim.

Tim Burton — who is currently finishing his work on the movie musical "Sweeney Todd" — has signed with Disney to direct three-dimensional versions of "Alice in Wonderland" and "Frankenweenie", according to reports.

Walt Disney Studios signed on with the director for the two-film deal. Production on "Alice" is slated to start in January 2008 with a scheduled completion in May. Richard Zanuck, Joe Roth with Suzanne and Jennifer Todd produce.

Burton's new take on the Lewis Carroll classic will combine the worlds of live-action and the performance-capture animation used in films like "Beowulf" and "The Polar Express." Linda Woolverton (The Lion King, Beauty and the Beast) pens the new script.

The director will then revisit his previous short film "Frankenweenie" — centering on a young boy's re-animation of his dead dog — for a full-length feature. This film will use stop-motion animation (as seen in Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" and "Corpse Bride").

Both movies will be presented in Disney Digital 3-D. Burton's "Nightmare" has already been shown in that format. The deal reunites the one-time animator (who worked on "Fox and the Hound") with his former employer.

"Sweeney Todd" hits theatres nationwide Dec. 21. Johnny Depp stars in the lead with Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman, Sacha Baron Cohen and more in the cast.

Info taken from

Personal Note from Reavel about this movie issue:

I couldn't believe this when I found this news. Tim Burton making Alice in Wonderland... that will be awesome. Now the only thing that worries me is the 3-D issue. I just hope the 3-D thing don't get the movie busted. Don't think Tim will let that happen, but we never know. Still it is like a dream since Tim haves this spectacular ideas for this kind of films. I know this will be a little tense on the media and for him cause people and the fans of both Alice and Tim will wait just THE BEST to come out of this. Hope Disney doesn't put too much only the money. Haha! Well they know Tim work so hope they don't get on the way.

Now for the Frankenweenie movie I am happy cause that is one of the oldest projects of Tim and now he haves the opportunity of making a full length movie that is just amazing. Oh! and don't forget it will be done on the Nightmare before Christmas style so that makes it more interesting to watch and check out. Hmm!! Next year is full of movie surprises for what I see. Looking forward to next year.

Do I? Am I attached?

Name: Do I? Am I attached? | watercolors & markers | 11x14in | 18 nov '07

I just said that
I love you

Do I really love you?
Is it the solitude speaking...
Is this really love
that makes my strings
get attached to your loneliness.
To my loneliness?

So confusing...
leaves me hanging
from big trees
feels almost like suicide.
Wanting to die but not having
the guts to end with my own life.

yeah that is love
yeah that is what I feel.

it is burden
it is a virtue.

Still I just said I love you.

Saturday, November 17, 2007


Sony’s 15.4-inch VAIO NR Series budget notebooks are now available for purchase through Best Buy and Amazon. The VAIO VGN-NR120E/S model offered by Best Buy is priced at $599.99 after instant savings, which is $150 less than the announced starting price of $750 for the NR notebooks.

The lowest-priced Sony laptop ever - VGN-NR120E/S - features the Intel Pentium Dual-Core T2310 mobile processor at 1.46GHz, the Intel GMA X3100 integrated graphics, 1GB of system memory, a 160GB hard drive at 5,400rpm, and a DVD burner. The VAIO NR’s 15.4″ widescreen display provides 1280-by-800 pixel resolution.

In addition, the VGN-NR120E/S and the other NR models feature 802.11b/g, Ethernet LAN, and 56K modem connections, as well as ExpressCard and Secure Digital card slots, four USB ports, a Firewire port, and a VGA out.

The Sony VAIO NR Series notebooks weigh 6.2 pounds and have a claimed battery life of up to 4.5 hours. The laptops are available in silver, white and brown colors. The VAIO VGN-NR120E/S has silver finish and comes with Windows Vista Home Premium.


Friday, November 16, 2007

Fly Away

This is really special for me for many reason.

This was a request from someone I really love in so many ways. Due to many reasons against our will that someone isn't around the way I would like but in the mean while... I <3 U

"And fly away from Anywhere Yeah, I don't care We'll just fly away from here our hopes and dreams Are out there somewhere Won't let time pass us by We'll just fly Did we see a bluer sky now? You can have a better life now Open your eyes Cuz no one here can ever stop us They can try but we won't let them"

I would like to thank ~kizioko for making me wonder thru her works and dont know.. guess how she does it. I cant draw or paint that good but I just try to use my style with that style of painting.. I like it either way cause as you have seen I hardly work with watercolors.. so I am really proud and happy of how it came out.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

"Working Space"

This is my working space.
It is organized but it took like 7 months to be this organized.
Just give it a few days.
It will look like a real working messy more artistic space.

From left to right

Printer [useless for now]

- keys, pencil & money holder
- dictionaries
- mouse
- external hard drive
- light

Laptop [my baby] :heart:

- yeah all of them

Books & Mail
- envelopes for mailing [whatever]
- books
- magazines [art related]
- papers

Art Stuff
- letter stencil
- aerosol
- markers
- acrylic
- brushes
- water
- color pencils
- water colors

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Magazine / Book Hunting

Today I went to Borders and got three wonderful art related magazines today.
Here the list:

Juztapox: Love this magazine cause it expose the present artists on the street and galleries. Urban styles unknown styles. It goes from traditional to digital with just a flip of a page. It also covers body art [tattoo], cars customization and all kinds of arts. Gives you details about the artists in their interviews. Where to go and see art in what galleries. Very good magazine for the artists this days. In this issue that I am talking about [nov .07 | no.82] features Shepard Fairey art on the cover [his stencil work is awesome you should check it out too].

CMYK: This magazine is more about designing [ads, posters, campaigns, packing, etc.] In this issue [no.38 | fall 2007] called the Porfolio: The Class of Fall 2007. They judge students porfolios in Advertising, Design, Photography and Illustration. More than 110 selections from over 70 students representing 35 schools and universities around the world. Then on page 63 starts the features which are calendar, book reviews, innovation, idea, education, icon and inspiration. they have a nice report on wallpapers saying that designers are making them more unique with bolder ideas of using them [should check that might become useful seems that wallpapers will be back again but trendier than before which is a plus].

Giant Robot: This magazine is really new to me. Never saw it before [sad I know]. It is related to asian pop culture and beyond [just like the magazine says :) ] I bought the no.50 issue [display thru december]. This issue they celebrate the 50 first issues display every cover from the first one that was $2 until this one that is at $4.99. The first issue was released on September 1994 and was a photocopy issue. So for that I can say it is a long way from that but all worth it I might say for what I saw on the magazine. They also include some anime things, museums informations, interviews and other intersting things all asian culture related. Why I bought it? Just because I like asian culture and art. I am Learning about them. Also I liked the Illustration on the cover made by David Choe [King David] it caught my attention.

+ INFO on the magazines:
Giant Robot:

Stick them Good

I also bought a sketch book were I can place the stickers I get when I trade mine.

Book: Sticker City [Paper Graffiti Art]
by: Claudia Walde

I thought that now that I am getting into this "sticker mania" I should learn about stickers history. Don't you think? So while I was at Borders I went to the art area trying to find something stickers related or just street art related. I found this book Sticker City [paper graffiti art]. I looked it up at the store and saw some awesome works that I have seen before like Swoon, Obey and Thundercut. It haves amazing photographs of works from artists from around the world. I got it at $25 at the store but I guess you can check it out online too and maybe buy it for less. It haves 192 pages. I am very pleased with the book. Learned about other styles, kinds, gluing techniques and of course the artist that are doing this art form right now around the globe. The author Claudia Walde led a double life as a graffiti artist in her native Germany while studying communications design.

It is divided on three chapters:

Yesterday: where they describe or give a breif history on the origin of the stickers and who it all started and the people that started.
Today: They just show with amazing photographs the way stickers are made today and all the variety of styles, papers that are out on the street [paper, plastic, wood, vinyl, etc.] They also feature some artists and the process of making this art works.
Tomorrow: This is just the look of this art form in the future and the possible names and techniques that will be or are been developed for that "moment".

+INFO on the book:
Sticker City [paper graffiti art] check this link

"Recuperar Nuestros Valores es Tarea de Todos"

Hablando de...
¡ Que nos pasa Puerto Rico !

Aquí en Puerto Rico esta corriendo una campaña publicitaria hace tiempo sobre recuperar los valores que habían aquí. Ahora no es que este en contra de esto porque no es así. Solo digo que es un poco tarde. Pero de nuevo me contradigo NUNCA es demasiado tarde porque en algún lugar hay que comenzar y es mejor tarde que NUNCA.

Me gustaría ver que esto de los valores se enseñara en las escuelas ya que es donde los niños pasan mas tiempo y desde ahí comienza su formación. Aunque claro todo comienza en la casa. A mi por ejemplo mis padres me enseñaron a decir Buenos días cuando llego a un lugar, a ceder mi asiento si alguien lo necesita, a ayudar los demás, a decir gracias y de nada a las demás personas. Cosas tan simples como esa le pueden cambiar el día a cualquiera.

Entiendo que esta sociedad en la que estamos carece de modales y valores por la misma velocidad en la que estamos. Todos queremos ser individuales y solo nos aferramos a nuestros asuntos. Olvidando así lo que le pasa al que nos rodea. No sabiendo que esto nos puede afectar indirectamente. Yo aun le pido la bendición a mis mayores ya hasta eso se esta perdiendo. Los jóvenes de ahora no dicen buenos días, con permiso, pase usted, nada de esas cosas. Se han criado en un mundo frío donde solo comparten ellos mismos. También hay que recordar que muchos niños están siendo criados por niños así que no se puede esperar mucho.

Entiendo que el gobierno y sus ramas educacionales deberían inculcar esto en las escuelas. Creo que es posible. Dara trabajo pero se puede hacer. Ademas también hay que entender que solo estamos siendo bombardeados constantemente por los medios con violencia, intolerancia y hasta una semi-anarquía donde yo soy mejor y primero que tu. Después si queda algo brego contigo. Comencemos por la casa, por los hogares enseñándole a los padres como inculcar valores a sus hijos. Padres... no dejen a sus hijos hacer y decir lo que les de la gana por eso ustedes son los padres. Corrijan los a tiempo muéstrenle los valores tampoco esperen a que lleguen a la escuela porque en la escuela no le pueden enseñar todo ni hacer su trabajo.

Cuando comencé a ver los anuncios pensé que era del gobierno y ehh... no.. no lo es .. es una agencia y personas "privadas" que se están encargando de esto junto con otras personas que quieren rescatar los valores de nuestro país. Ellos publicaron esto por TV y anuncios en la calle.

Ellos dividieron los valores en varias partes:
• Cortesia
• Solidaridad
• Tolerancia
• Respeto
• Compañerismo

Escrito por: Reavel

La campa
ña: ¡ Que nos pasa Puerto Rico !

Hemos desarrollado esta campaña con el propósito de crear conciencia en el público sobre el efecto que tiene la conducta individual en la sociedad y para promover un ambiente de convivencia saludable. Nuestra intención es que recuperemos los valores perdidos.

La campaña consta de una serie de mensajes que muestran ocasiones de la vida cotidiana en las que todos de una manera u otra le hemos faltado el respeto o hemos sido desconsiderados con otro ser humano, lo que genera un ambiente de intolerancia, hostilidad, violencia, e indiferencia. Siempre, al final del mensaje la persona menos esperada es la que toma una acción positiva y cambia la situación.

La campaña "RESPETO" refleja las acciones éticas en la vida cotidiana, el hacer las cosas bien, correctamente, aún en las cosas más sencillas y comunes. La meta de la campaña es lograr que las personas se planteen que, a través de sus actitudes hacia familiares, amigos y la sociedad en general, pueden poner su granito de arena para que la calidad de vida en Puerto Rico mejore.

Monday, November 12, 2007

¡ Que nos pasa Puerto Rico !

¡ Que nos pasa Puerto Rico ! [solo para puertorriqueños]


"....Tomen lo que les sirva para pensar...."

La creencia general anterior era que Cuchín no servía, al igual que Roselló y Sila. Actualmente se dice que Aníbal no sirve. Y, el que venga después de Aníbal tampoco servirá para nada.

Por eso estoy empezando a sospechar que el problema no está en lo ladrón y corrupto que haya sido Roselló, o en lo autocrática que fué Sila.

El problema está en nosotros. Nosotros como PUEBLO.

Nosotros como materia prima de un país.

Porque pertenezco a un país donde la “VIVEZA CRIOLLA" es la moneda que siempre es valorada tanto o más que el dólar.
Un país donde hacerse rico de la noche a la mañana es una virtud más apreciada que formar una familia a largo plazo basada en valores y respeto a los demás.

Pertenezco a un país donde, lamentablemente, los periódicos jamás se podrán vender como se venden en otros países, es decir, poniendo unas cajitas en las aceras donde uno paga por un solo periódico…

Pertenezco al país donde las “EMPRESAS PRIVADAS” son papelerías particulares de sus empleados deshonestos, que se llevan para su casa, como si tal cosa, hojas de papel, lapiceros, bolígrafos, lápices, marcadores y todo lo que pueda hacer falta para la tarea de sus hijos, entre otras cosas.

Pertenezco a un país donde la gente se siente orgullosa si consigue robarse el cable tv del vecino, donde la gente inventa a la hora de llenar sus declaraciones para no pagar o pagar menos impuestos.

Pertenezco a un país donde la impuntualidad es un hábito. En donde los directivos de las empresas no generan capital humano.
Donde hay poco interés por la ecología, donde las personas tiran basura en las calles y luego se reclama al gobierno por no dar mantenimiento al alcantarillado.

Donde nos robamos la luz y el agua y nos quejamos de lo cara que está.

Donde no existe la cultura por la lectura y no hay conciencia ni memoria política, histórica ni económica.

Donde nuestros congresistas trabajan dos días al año (y cobran todos los demás como altos ejecutivos) para aprobar una reforma (miscelánea) fiscal al vapor que lo único que hace es hundir al que no tiene, joder al que tiene poco y beneficiar sólo a unos cuantos.

Pertenezco a un país donde las licencias de conducir y los certificados médicos se pueden "comprar", sin hacer ningún examen.

Un país donde puede subir a la guagua una persona de edad avanzada, o una mujer con el niño en brazos o algún minusválido y la persona que viene sentada se hace la dormida para no darle el puesto...

Un país en el cual la prioridad de paso es para el automovilista y no para el peatón.

Un país donde su gente esta llena de faltas, pero que disfruta criticando a sus gobernantes. Mientras más le digo rata a Roselló o a Sila, mejor soy yo como persona, a pesar de que apenas ayer me consiguieron todas las preguntas del examen de matemáticas de mañana.

Lo siento. Porque, aunque Aníbal renunciara hoy mismo, el próximo gobernante que lo suceda tendrá que seguir trabajando con la misma materia prima defectuosa que, como pueblo, somos nosotros mismos. Y no podrá hacer nada, No tengo ninguna garantía de que alguien lo pueda hacer mejor, pero mientras nadie señale un camino destinado a erradicar primero los vicios que tenemos como pueblo, nadie servirá.

Ya lo decía Ferré Q.E.P.D. en su slogan de campaña hace unos años…


Coño y lo más deprimente de todo es que
tantos años después de su célebre frase…

Seguimos en la misma Mierda

Ni sirvió Cuchín, ni sirvió Roselló, no sirvió Sila, y no sirve Aníbal, ni servirá el que venga. ¿O es que, acaso necesitamos traer a un dictador, para que nos haga cumplir la ley con la fuerza y por medio del terror?...O sea, alguien que tenga pelotas de verdad?

Aquí hace falta otra cosa. Algo más que “cuentistas” o gente dedicada a dar excusas y a justificar lo injustificable. Y mientras esa "otra cosa" no empiece a surgir desde abajo hacia arriba, o desde arriba hacia abajo, o del centro para los lados, o como quieran, seguiremos igualmente condenados, igualmente estancados.... igualmente jodíos!!!

Es muy sabroso ser Puertorriqueño, pues somos supuestamente la gente más feliz del planeta. ¡ Mere pescao…!

Cuando esa puertorriqueñidad autóctona empieza a hacerle daño a nuestras posibilidades de desarrollo como Nación, ahí la cosa cambia...

No esperemos encenderle una velita a todos los Santos, a ver si nos manda un Mesías. Somos nosotros los que tenemos que medirnos con la misma vara con la que medimos a los demás.

Un nuevo gobernador o unos nuevos legisladores con los mismos Puertorriqueños mediocres, no podrán hacer nada. Está muy claro......

“Somos nosotros los que tenemos que cambiar."

Oye, creo que esto encaja muy bien en todo lo que nos pasa:
Disculpamos la mediocridad mediante programas de televisión nefastos y francamente tolerantes con el fracaso.

Es la industria de la disculpa y la estupidez.

Ahora, después de este mensaje, francamente he decidido buscar al responsable, no para castigarlo, sino para exigirle (sí, exigirle) que mejore su comportamiento y que no se haga el que no oye, el que no entiende. Sí, he decidido buscar al responsable...



Y tú. ¿qué piensas?...... REFLEXIONA!!!!!


Necesitamos hacer conciencia..... ya nos estamos yendo al carajo y si seguimos así nos vamos a ir un poquito mas lejos ¿O NO?.......¿qué opinas?

Yo no tendré un truck para plantarlo frente a los muelles para protestar por mis derechos jodiendo a los demás, pero sí tengo mecanismos como este para evitar que la gente se ría y al menos le de un poco de pensamiento al llamado cuando escuchan el slogan …Qué nos Pasa Puerto Rico?

Que Dios Nos perdone y Tenga Misericordia Por Haber Abusado De Esta Hermosa TIERRA...

… Y Que Dios Continue Bendiciendo a Puerto Rico.


NOTA: Yo no escribí esto. Solo lo paso adelante porque entiendo que su contenido es muy CIERTO.

To California...

So this one is going to California, USA [hehe.. so awesome] I will keep you guys posted with whatever happens with this parcel. Here you can see the ones I sent there. This is a 20 sticker pack. I got really tired doing them since like I have said many times they are all different [except for the flowers that are the same style different colors...]. The rest yeah they are all different. Dont like repeating that much and I cant do the same thing again and again. So there you have them. Hope you enjoy them.


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Sunday, November 04, 2007

Artist of the Month: Antonio Cancel Iglesias

Artist of the Month: Antonio Cancel Iglesias

This month artist Antonio Cancel Iglesia [aka] NG25 is very important to me. He is an awesome artist willing to help others get better without waiting nothing back. I have made him something like my mentor since we share some ideas and compare our works sometimes. I know I can trust his judgement any day. I met him on I know I was looking thru some works on the page and found out a collaboration he had with some other artist. Since that day like almost two years now I have been keeping in touch with him. Born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico. He studied Web Design & Graphic Design at the Art Institute (National) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania from were he graduated on 2006. I admire him as a human cause he believes in himself and when you spend time with him you get this good vibes and power to overcome things. His designs are always simple, clean, colorful and very effective. You can see his puertorican influence on the colors and expressions used on his works. You can also find street art and urban influnces on his works. He enjoys movies [overall independent ones], art, music and people.

+INFO on Antonio:


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