Well it is [ NANO ]

Stickers Trading with [ NANO ]

I first saw his work on deviantart.com were he haves a page and goes by the name of Drunkmonk666 then i found out that this guy calls himself [ NANO ]. He is 26 years old and lives in Houston, Texas. He studies at the Art Institute Of Houston, Graphic Design and Photography. I am not an huge or daily sticker maker but I liked his work. I wrote to him and after some messages I asked him to do a sticker trading. He kindly accepted. I sent him some of my sticker, he sent me his. [Sweet!!!]. So as you can see that is a picture with the sticker he sent me. He does this characters that are so unique to him. He hand draw some, other are made on the computer. He uses vinyl and sticker paper [what else could he use haha]. He sells them them too and i th ink he also have shirts with his characters that you can buy. You can spot them all around his city. [NANO] thanks for sharing. I have to stick you around.

Go check his accounts enjoy art, in every way.