Sunday, September 30, 2007

Draco y el Teatro del Absurdo

Videos I took with my cellphone from the concert.
Each video last 30sec. The concert was Firday 28 of september 2007.
Taken LIVE at Coliseo de Puerto Rico [Choliseo].

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Artist of the Month: Epidemic

Artist of the Month: Epidemic

How I found about this month artist?
I was replying to my messages on I got a message from her related to one of my works that I have on the gallery. For my surprise I ended up checking all the gallery out and searching the links she provides on her profile. Her name is Katie Owens but goes by the name of Epidemic [so lets just call her like that :D]. Born in Sept. 1989 at her 18 years she is studying Graphic Design at the Academy of Art Univeristy. She currently lives in Mendocino, California. She works with watercolors and inks and also enjoys photography.

Why her?
I like her work that much that i decided to feature her on my blog here. She blowed my mind away. I hope you guys check out her profiles and enjoy her art the same way I did. Love the colors she used, the style she haves, the way she applies the watercolors and the characters on her designs. Lots of visions on her works, greatly done.

The Great Journey / July 2007

+INFO on Epidemic:

PIctures of Walls


This site collects photos of random messages painted by random people in random public places, like fences, walls, or traffic signs. But it isn't the usual fleeting, thoughtless, or dirty stuff you see everywhere, and it isn't gangsta tagging; this graffiti is thoughtful, clever, and usually funny. The images come from fans all over the English-speaking world. Like the Found Magazine site, Pictures of Walls gives little glimpses into the private thoughts of real people, whose only mode of expression might be to spray paint on a wall. From a public toilet in Vacaville, California: "Hey Jesus--We need to talk."


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