Deviant Art turns 7 turned & years old today. If you are an artist [painter, digital artist, vector, writer, photographer, sculptor, etc...] I believe that some day you have visited this page in search of photoshop brushes, tutorials [to do art or use programs] or any art stuff you need.

In this page you can find good artists from all over the world. Pretty skilled fellows that share their works and experiences with other artists. I myself have to say as a proud member of the site since Apr 5, 2003, at 3:55 PM that I have learned a lot from that site andthe people that makes this site so usefull and adictive. I have also met many artists that have shaped my art and way of seeing things. It is a huge community were you can express yourself and develope your already known skills, you can also help others develope their own skills.

What you can find there besides what I have jsut said?

• Clubs
Chatrooms with millions of themes,
• Organizations of country or especific themes,
• Contests with lots of prizes
DevStore [were you can buy artists prints]
• Stock Accounts [photographies of high resolutions].

To enjoy of some of this features you have to become a member of They have various accounts. I use the free one and you get pretty much of the benefits but if you can afford to buy an account you should do it. The administration is very helpfull and looks up for the interest of the artists. So if you are and artist [beginer or professional] and you dont have a place o express or share your art I invite you to the page.

To see my account here is the link