Reavel is mourning...

Today my grandmother died at 12pm. Sad to say i am far away from home as some of you know so this was kind of hard for me those that know the story [that really know me]... know how hard this is for me... and why i write all this cause i need to do it.. i cant call anybody and talk about this.. sooo here i am

my dear Abuela Lola, she was 96 years old born in 1911. She was one of those people that you will never ever forget. To the family, friends, people that really know me you know how much I really love her and always will... anyways... i am really down right now..

i was blessed to have her in my life someone like her. Strong woman that took care of many plus her childs. She was blind but she saw everything... and i will miss her so much... anyways. i am happy cause she is in such a better place now i am so sure of that and now she can really rest in peace.

I miss you already wish i was there to see you leave happy singing like you always did... you were my life... and i am thankfull that I had you as my grandmother and besides all the hard times we had... i wouldnt change a thing at all.

to those that still have your grandpas around I BEG you.. do take care of them... I did took care of mine... so that is why i miss her cause i will be looking around for her at the house will be always empty... without her. Still i have my other two grandparents so it will be ok.

In advance......
Thanks to all of you that might call or reach me i wont be able to answer until i get back to PR on tuesday so help us God and we find a flight out from Costa Rica so vacations are over.... God bless you please keep all my family in your prayers again thanks for everything.

this was my grandma...

Grandma Singing