Stop Feel

Stop Feel
20x20 inches
acrylic and spray paint on canvas

by: Reavel

extra backstory:
Well this isnt what it was going to be. Originally i just had the cars/trucks cause i wanted to do something like that and it to mean movement going fast, etc. The colors I am not used to use like yellow and the bright colors all together. I was going to add more shapes along they way they disapperared from the original idea. Then it felt like empty dont know the top part didnt match with the cars part so i added a few details like the paint splatters cuase i was ehh frustrated... but it look little bit better.. then i said i want typo there so I added the stop feel cause the original idea was to create some kind of movement emotion but that you should stop at some time and feel whatever you wanna feel. When it was finished with all the splatters and Typo I still didnt like it... so here it is... I am still trying to get around the whole concept....

NOTE: check out the girl and the heart... that was like pure genius haha didnt see it when it was ended but while taking the picture to upload it i was lik darn... that haves to mean something everything fixed right were it should I guess.....