Ego City Issue 1

Ego City / Issue 1
directly from Winnipeg, Canada by Reetbot

This zine is the first issue it contains photos of the graffiti scene in Canada.
The package also included some stickers by reetbot. The total cost of mailing is like $2 so if you sent them to him you could get one of the issues. The zine size is 4"x6" [not sure] it contains some photocopies in color the rest are black and white... remember that this is a solo project.. still it is awesome and very well done. The themes of the issues depends on the ideas that Mr. Reetbot haves at that time [this makes it even better].

So I found out about this magazine from reetbot and well I asked him if he could send me the issue. Kindly enough he did. So I am waiting for the second issue to come out. When I get it you guys will see it. Why i asked for this zine? Cause it is a pretty good and original idea. Very unique and special simple in the making but with so much creativity that I couldnt resist it. :D

For more info on this Zine visit and ask him:

PS: Jack Skellington is glued to my laptop so It doesnt come as a sticker on the package :P