So this movie I was watching it yesterday is about this girl that get divorced then meets this guy younger than her that ends up being her psychiatrist son... etc.. but that isn't what i like about the movie what i liked was that the story around it that there is people that you meet in your life at some point that you get to love and even if the relationship doesn't work out what both of you had was yours for a life lesson. It was an experience that you need. You grew with it and became a better person (both sides). No matter what happens every time you remember that someone you can say that you loved him/her and that you learned more about you and about others. Most of the times this type of experiences makes you do things you ever thought you could or even imagine you would give up so in the end you learn about yourself and your visions of life. You end up seing life with other eyes and have a wider view of things. You chage but is it for your own good. I love this and that all is surrounded by art He is a painter (frustrated) which makes it more awesome for me cause i can sure relate to his side of the stories a lot. But when at the end you see they dont end up together but still they remember all the good times and that they learned from each other you have to say this movie is good. Maybe it is cheesy but I loved the message.. It also talks about a lot of issues like the difference of age in couples since she is 10 years older than him. It also highlights the religious factor of his family. The over protective mother. the rational father and co. This is real love.

Directed and written by Ben Younger. The Cast is Meryl Streep, Uma Thurman, Bryan Greenberg.

A quote of the movie: "I gotta tell you, you are making me nervous in way I am not familiar with. " -David Bloomberg [Bryan Greenberg]


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