Malt o Meal Marshmallow Mateys

I dont know who invented the lucky charms cereal with those marshmallows but I do know... they are awesome of course that is what i tought when I wasa kid. Strange that when I was younger my parents never ever bought us [my sister and I] this cereal. I guess we like never eat it completely we just ate the marshmallows.

Now that I am older I finaly understood that I cant just eat the marshmallow alone cause i would be wasting a great value of [ehh what is it call ahh yeah..] fiber and oter ehh vitamins. So now I just eat the fiber then the marshmallow. Now days I am hooked not on lucky charms cause I found a way better and sweeter cereal the Marshmallow Mateys from Malt o Meal. They are cheaper and dont occupied to much space so I can buy lots of bags of it so I never run out of them :D.

This cereal have become my breakfast, snacks, midnight snacks, lunch and even dinner some days cause I dont feel like cooking so I rather eat cereal. The right way for me is leave the marshmallow for the end. That is the biggest kept secret from kids that have been eating this longer than I have. Anyway dont you ever loose your chance the experience of eating a bowl of this cereal in your lifetime. return to your childhood dayswhen marchmallows got you high on sugar. Be happy again and remember the good days. I am doing that right now... :D