Monday, March 26, 2007

Back in the days when the internet was cool.

It is weird to see places were you used to have a lot of fun and met good people be like it is now days. So sad. I feel guilty in someway since I have been part of this falling process.. misunderstandings and lies always make this things possible. I dont want a throne I just wanted to keep my friends. But when people take things in other ways and want things done their own way this kind of things happen too. I wont say or ask for forgiveness since I have not done anything wrong. I have been there so many time and to see it like this hurts me in some way. I fought along others for something and now it is all doomed and worthless, so sad to say and accept but things and people are like that. You give them a little power and then all goes to hell. Anyways I dont know if I would like things to change or if I could turn back time what will happen. I feel so frustrated cause this isnt what i wanted honestly it wasnt. People out of control. I lost a few friends because of these people that used to have a very special place in my heart and life now I dont feel nothing for them just pitty cause i dont know what the hell happend to them. I hope that someday they come to their senses. Another thing if you cant talk upfront dont use third person o plural words when you are just talking about me. That is useless and childish. I cant say that I havent been childish but then again. What the fuck is wrong with you girl. It is easy to call and judge people just because they dont do what you want. I dont have to share everything that I have or know. I dont have to ask you for your approval of anything. I dont have to beg you for anything. I dont need a groupies to defend myself, I am on my own since I can remember. You havent been the first and wont be the last. I do have things to say but why should I waste my time were I am not wanted. Before I was loved everyone loved me but now that I am in a bitchy mode cause I had to no one can accept that the good girl haves her day. Lots of things people dont know and go on with half of the story. First ask then act people dont be so stupid and follow senseless people orders. I am not the kid that when you cry your life out ignores you and you beg him just to feel love or wanted. that aint right. I have issues but you are over the top and drag others to your troubles. But well I was a good friend when he ignored you, argued with you now you use him to call me names... that what i got after writing about your whole "issue" defend you against him and all that shit. You are sad. I dont have to ask for other to play along with me to make other jelous No i dont need that. I dont have people that depends on me. Fuck you... and all your drama I have enough troubles in my REAL life to have another one on my virtual life... so get over it. left now you own it. Isnt that what you wanted. It was never about a competition. If you aregoing o say the truth say all the truth not only one side of it cause that is a huge lie anyways...

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