300 [movie]

Movie based on the epic graphic novel by from Frank Miller [creator of Sin City, "300" is a retelling of the Battle of Thermopylae in which King Leonidas and 300 Spartans fought to the death against Xerxes and his massive Persian army. Facing insurmountable odds, their valor and sacrifice inspired all of Greece to unite against their Persian enemy, drawing a line in the sand of democracy. The film brings the graphic novel to life by combining live action wth virtual backgrounds that capture his distinct vision of this ancient historic tale. Directed by Zack Snyder, the film stars Gerald Butler as King Leonidas and Lena Headye as Queen Gorgo [King Leonidas wife].

I was specting this movie for some time. I saw the trailers and went crazy to see it. I am studying graphic art so this kind of movie is a MUST see for people that deals with computer graphics animations and such. But that wasnt the only reason. The other thing that made me watch this movie was the Frank Miller factor. I love Sin City so you can guess that I would obviously see this movie. Then i you add the fact that it is base not only on a graphic novel but also on history itself makes it a totally must see movie [i am a history freak :)]. Then add to that the fact that democracy came from those battles. Anyways. I went to see it yesterday with my sister. Sadly I had to see it on the front seats [which I hate] but it was there or there no more optons cause the movie theater was full [we went there a little late in fact] well I sit there and watch the beging and it was all a trip for me. I have to say that I love the movie and maybe it doesnt have all those efects that kills us but that doesnt matter people might say that it aint good but I also dont care.. I love the movie cause it stayed thru to the graphic novel.

Many people say that the movie doesnt follow the real history but that is exactly what it is supposed to do since it aint based on the real history just on the graphic novel [people gehat straight besides no one will ever get the facts the exact way they happend so get over it, thanks]. The soundtrack is so important and perfect in this movie cause it takes you right to the emotions on the scenes. The movie is totally quotable [thing that i love], the actors where good too I love the Queen Gorgo character she kicked but made herself be respected as a queen and as a woman. To the stupid man she killed on the movie good for you traitor bastard, well deserved. I have to give props to the movie cause some how now everybody is interested in mythology and history since this movie came out so you teachers out there take advantage of this. The photographic takes are perfect, awesome and gorgeous. The sarcastic lines were so well played like the shadows line, that was so well done. The directio was good, photos, stills, scenaries... man everything. The only thing i have to complain is that the movie theater should have a sprinkler system for movies like this one so when they kill some one they get activated and you get all the "blood" splatter in you that would be the closest of being on the field... hehe] Bloody scenes are gorgeous too. all they wanted was freedom and to be remembered and boy that happend it is 2007 and we are still talking about them ;) King Leonidas was so smart and so gorgeous..[haha].

I have to say that it is charge with sexuality content in a good/bad way it depends on the eye of the beholder. I have to admit that i love those spartans that physique this actors had in order to make the character real. Man did they look good ahh perfect gorgeous King and whole crew note that some of the crew aint that young but so darn good looking huge bodies that i would surely love to oil [[[ehhhh]]]] anyways.. the guys also had a little view f the mayhem at the persian camps with the ladys licking kissing etc etc scenes so you guys cant complain. Oh one thing the scene where the king and queen are like "working" out the kings issues is superb but i even said to my sister doesnt that look like fancy porn[?] but it is well clean done. I should use this line here... This is madness. Madness? That was Sparta. :) I fancy some spartans... Mr. Xerxes the god-king looked so freaking gay... but his body was gorgeous too of coruse the guy playing him is brazilian [arghhh.. cute Rodrigo Santoro] so props to the "bad guy too"

I was talking today with a friend about the movie he didnt like it that much and he told me that there are rumors about people saying that this is movie is another way for people get other visions from the Irak people since Irak was Persia and the Spartans would be like ehhh the USA represented there... etc... i dont wanna touch this subject but I think that people are getting too carried away with all this war thing. First it is fiction mixed with ancient history soget over that just watch the movie and yeah it is violent but come on we have this or even worst violence now days. If tat war didnt happen maybe we would be still slave or whatever I dont know but just hae fun go spend some times at the movies and dont go aroundtryig to find hundreds of meanings to the movies or books or comments that people make. If you go around saying things well people will be more curious about it and will go and see it sooo. If you feel the movie is wrong just dont go to see or even talk about it but dont ruined it for the ones that are trying to forget about our fucking daily news and troubles... thanks... well i guess that is for now :D

Some Clips from 300