About some "Unknown" artists

Yeah I might talk about some unknown artist. People that I know but you dont know. I have friends that are in bands, paint, take pictures, do graffiti or act at plays.

So I was thinking ....
Why I dont inteview them and make a blog about them so people get to know them?
Is that just right and fair? Yeah it is. [I said to myself].

These unkown artist will have their own label with the same name [the link will be at the right side of the of the navigation menu under the same name unknown artists]

So this idea isnt new in my mind I was trying to make a web blog about unknown bands and musicians, but, guess what? none of them were like really interested or didnt have time. So I will try again but I will just add it to this blog. I hope my friends get up and just answer the freaking questions.. again their will be interviews in english and in spanish or spanglish... so you already know.

Thanks for reading and keep in touch.

Of course I will still write my crazy un-usefull stuff and random ideas, projects and my digital or traditional art.