You do always do it.

I just dont know how you do it, but you do it.
I cant deny you a thing.
You have kept your part of the trade and i have to admit that.
It is hard to deny you this.
It is not about skin it is all about the skills.
I only have this fetish for them.
I just cant resist it.
I will have to wait for you to bend.
To come down here and ask then say please.
then again i wont be able to deny it.
YOu know that is all you do.
Provocarme sabes hacerlo
Sabes que no dire que no
Que tengo que perder.
I have nothing to loose.
I already gave up my kingdom to you.
Why not give you my soul.
I will do it.
You wont make me stop.
I am just gaining more space.
All is full of you.
all is full of me.
We need each other that is all it is.
In some strange way we are all we need.
You are a witch.
You have a spell on me.

It is all too you cause I saw this comming before you.

Between Angels and insects I lay once more.