Fairy Tale

WEll once again tonight (well last night) i talked about you again. I am so used to it. WEll this girl needed help with a desition so i helped her out a little. She told me that what i feel for you or felt for you is real love. Obsession is when we do or cause harm to one of the parts to get what you want. There is a fine line between love and hate they say but i think this also goes for obsessives love types. 

I miss you. I want to call you and just say I LOVE YOU thing that i have been able to do in 15 years but now i feel i can do it that. I am making no harm in saying it. I feel free when I say that makes me so happy yet vulnerable to you. Again life have smiled for me thanks God for that. I know you will always know that i love you that you can count with me whenever you need me for whatever you need me for. That is real love. Real love that doesnt wait nothing in exchange that only gives what he feels. I havent been in this part of my life for some time cause i have been writing a lot in spanish lately.

Tomorrow I will call you and say this words I always loved you always will you know that. Please stop denying it you know it just say you do understand it cant accept it but that you know what I feel or felt. I get so confused with all this strange feelings that come from the past or out of the blue that it kills me not to have you here besides me.

Fcuk!! Thanks for loving me in silence.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005