You again in thanksgiving day

You again in thanksgiving day

Its been like what.. almost 6 months that I haven't talked to you and just like that i was able to hear your voice again. Ahoy and how does it hurt to listen to your words like I miss you.. Thing that you don't feel cause if you did why haven't you called me or reply right.. I am not blind man.. I know you say that but you just don't feel it. So dont go around saying what you don't mean.. Then you just pass the phone to my baby and I told you not to do that.. And why is that cause it hurts like a knife in my chest to listen to any of your kids. I know I have said many times I am over this but the feeling the love is there deep down still. Cant help it.

You are so naive or maybe you are just playing around with your sweet killer words the game of love and ignoring the real facts. I hate when you do that.

I know it was thanksgiving day yesterday and that i just called to pretend that I wanted to talk to everybody but the only one I wanted to talk to was you only you cause I surely missed everything from you. I haven't seen you like in 3 years so your voice is the only thing that keeps me alive sometimes.

Sad part was that I spent the whole afternoon today thinking of you and if I could call again and listen to your empty words again and again full of promises you never keep. Shame on me that still hopes for the whisper of your Love always deep inside my memories. I have no one to blame myself. So fool so dumb to fall for the same things the repetition of what never have been. The same pain the same torture when we speak trying to keep it all and scream I love you.. when I see you.

One thing is for sure that I am happy and very grateful to God and life that even when I was able to listen to the words that you spill like water in a river that never find the end of it. I was able to hear you viscount know you are "fine". I was able to talk with others that I never imagine I could in just one day. So Thanks for that. I dont ask for too much just respect and love.. Thanks..

hope you had an awesome thanksgiving day cause I surely had.