Saturday, July 24, 2004

The best week... for my mind... Loving from the distance

Umm what have I done....

I just wrote a letter that maybe wasnt meant to be written but is kind of late now to think like that.. In the end i just made my mind, heart and soul free of all this stress that they had..

I expressed myself thing that I should have done long ago when things could have meant something... but I have no regrets now and it feels wonderfull.... to free yourself of the things that once were hurting you...

The sad part of all this is that now I am worried for the one that the letter was made 'cause maybe.. (not maybe) I know he will be confused and all the mess but I just will say that this was a selfish act... and I had to make it this way... Maybe things arent so bad after all and they will get better after all this... who knows... only God knows..

Still when I dont want anything from him or with him, I care way too much cause when you really love you let go if you understand that it wont happen that it wont work... that it cant happen.. when you really love someone you wish them happiness and blessings cause if they are happy then you are happy.. and that is what I feel.. how i feel now. I have been always happy for all that he haves acomplished as a father and husband in his family and I am proud of him...

From the distance... I have seen him change from the boy that I love to the man that he could have been by my side... But he choosed someone else...decision I respect with all my heart cause in the end I never told him I loved him so that was my downfall, but I had my reasons for doing so.

So it was his "happy" ending.. and my first lesson in Love 101 ... long lesson but I just passed the exam with honors I might say... at least that is what I think...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

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