Writing Skills?

writing skills?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004@ 12:55 am.

So today what i have done work then work them back home then to the reunion with some people. After that well back home do the dishes adn all the rest after that get online and well here I am.

I have new friends and I am so amazed that he was calling you so i dont know... very good people... worried about what could go to my head or mind and be done quickly by myself...that is another story, ok....

I am going to Nicaragua next month on June so that is something different. I didnt want to go but i have to... wish is sad cause i have this feeling that someone needed it more than I.

I wrote this the other day so umm whatever... thanks..it haves no title...

The machiavel life that I havent lived is haunting me back. What should have been my end? What should have been my means or motives if not life it self?

Rather than enjoying this supposed armoniously well lived present I still enjoy my mediocre shady life. So I have prefered to become anti-futuristic though i believe in it.

My north is the future, my east is the faith where the light of wisdom shines like the sun. My south are the shadows of my doubts, my tears and my lows. My west the rebellion agaisnt happiness taking my thru the path of angryness and selfish pleasures.

In the end my life is an universe in a collision that have become a consufion ready to explode -like the big bang- and make it a simple star in the twilight that will probably lead other rebellious souls to their machiavel life without means or ends thru a destiny that is uncertain and unknown.