The world..

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The world..

Wednesday, March 24, 2004@ 6:21 pm.

The world is full of sickness and despair... it haves become the monster that human kind have been creating since we were made by God. We have tried to tame the beast but we cant. It haves become more powerfull than us. She always have been more powerfull than us.

Thing is that we have missunderstood and understemate our own creation. And right now our creation is demanding its territory with every flood, earthquake and hurracaine. It is screaming look what you have done to me you made me and now you forsake me? that is forbiden. God have been replaced by the future and the present quickly turns in to our past.

Days go by and we dont even love, we dont even have pitty for ourselves. We have become arrogants beofre the humbleness of what someday was the mankind. Our ego have become larger than life on its own. We have become gods of no kingdom, kings of no castles.