Memories in a good day

Memories in a good day
Monday, January 26, 2004
@ 8:54 pm.

I know i haven written here since friday but well I have been busy.

We had the youth activity from chuchr at a pool and well we spent most of the day there. After that we went to the radio station and stayed for the program. After that we went to Baskin Robbin and rented a movie called The Unsaid -you should see it and be patient when you do cause it is kind of slow but it is good-. So the guys went to myhouse ot watch the movie and they left at almost 200am of sunday. By the way i lost my cellphone on the pool place so that was a downlow.

Went to church as usual in the morning then i went to the poopl place to see if i could find my phone but we didnt so we went back home then my family went to my other grandmas house and i stayed doing laundry at least part of it. Then i worked on the magazine of february. Then at night back to church.

I woked up went to work early as usual and I took my cd player so my fellows at work could hear some music. We start doing our chores then we went to lunch.. worked more then it was time to leave and so we did. The usual as always the lady that takes me to my job left my in a dealer cuase my dad was going to pick me there since it is more in our route than to the lady and then I saw my yellow Hummer and when i saw the inside it said sold so another lucky B*tch haves my Hummer but no heart feelings it is normal to buy it if you have money -not my case- and it is a good buy in the end.

So after that I got back home and this is when the memories in a good day begins. I like always chekc my emails and stuff and well Hun di dtold me he will reply but then what the hell maybe he forgot. But I feel guilty now cause what happend was that his comp crashed down and he was going to coffee shops and stuff so he could us the computer.. and well that is why he didnt replied before.

So... What does that means?.. Does he still cares and well he even replied to the note i sent him on another place like two weeks ago and that was nice so if you read this later on thanks i really appreciated....and sorry... then he said that if that is what i choose that it was ok that he will respect my desicion.. sweet so sweet -that is why i cant resign to that by the way.. - you know what i mean, yeah Hun.

So then i got this other email of the otehr half of my suffering, yeah my other problem or blessing i dont know .. he sent me an email and some photos of the kids -his kids- and he even called today and sadly i wasnt here -DAMN IT..!! i wish i had cuase its been a long time since we talked like 6months or so... God I miss them -to be honest ...him and the kids- (long story) but he is family so nothing to do with all this platonic romance... it died with our familiarity and a paper sadly.... It alwasy left me a lot of questions that i guess will never be answered.

So after all this no's and maybes and questions or doubts... i have one conclusion that those two will be in my life for ever but in so much different circunstances and things btu they will always be with me inside my heart and I thank God for that .. for the good times and the bad ones they will be missed.