Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Reavel's Wonderland


Mientras conversamos
Detengo el tiempo
lo tengo por ti
lo detengo para mi.

Tengo el poder cuando hablamos.
Detengo el tiempo, Lo detengo por ti.
Todo se vuelve mas lento.

Creo una conversacion,
mis pensamientos crean una
conversacion nueva con el.

Hablamos de tus gestos
pienso que podrias gesticular en mi
Hablamos de tus labios
pienso que podrias hablar en mi

Tengo ese poder cuando hablamos.
Detengo el tiempo, lo tengo para mi.
todo se vuelve mas lento.

Todo mas lento cuando estoy en ti.
Tengo el tiempo por ti.

Seguimos conversando
Sigo diciendote que si.
me hablas de tantas cosas
y si vieras lo que pienso hacer en ti.

Ya la nocion perdi no hay nada mas
te miro mientras regalas palabras al viento
solo veo esos labios que me seducen al hablar.

Veo tus manos y las quiero guiar
Detengo el tiempo deseandote al hablar.
Todo mas lento cuando estoy en ti.

Tengo ese poder cuando hablamos.
Detengo el tiempo, lo tengo para mi.
Todo se vuelve mas lento.
Cuando te tengo mientras conversamos.

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Just You

Just You

Just because you were here
just because you were there
just because I wasn't always there
that is why there is only one you.

You were here just because
You were there just because
I wasn't always there just because
You. That is why there is only one.

If I never saw you here.
If you never saw me there.
If we never knew we were .
Then why I still say there is only one you.

If an illusion became
the total ending of this faith
Then reality should be blame
Not my dreams not your regret.

If you where there and I was here.
Where was the love that we once build
in the shore of our pleasure and guilt.


Saturday, November 27, 2004

Lost Love

Lost love...

Lost love never found
nor in the memories
nor in the heart
Nor in the wounds that
never healed
nor in the sand of time
that sealed my mouth.

Crying eyes
longing for sorrow
craving solitude
lost love never found
nor in the sand of time
nor in the wounds that
never healed.

Lost love never found
living secretly
dying rapidly
seeking slowly
for the redemption
when forsaken.

Friday, November 26, 2004

You again in thanksgiving day

You again in thanksgiving day

Its been like what.. almost 6 months that I haven't talked to you and just like that i was able to hear your voice again. Ahoy and how does it hurt to listen to your words like I miss you.. Thing that you don't feel cause if you did why haven't you called me or reply right.. I am not blind man.. I know you say that but you just don't feel it. So dont go around saying what you don't mean.. Then you just pass the phone to my baby and I told you not to do that.. And why is that cause it hurts like a knife in my chest to listen to any of your kids. I know I have said many times I am over this but the feeling the love is there deep down still. Cant help it.

You are so naive or maybe you are just playing around with your sweet killer words the game of love and ignoring the real facts. I hate when you do that.

I know it was thanksgiving day yesterday and that i just called to pretend that I wanted to talk to everybody but the only one I wanted to talk to was you only you cause I surely missed everything from you. I haven't seen you like in 3 years so your voice is the only thing that keeps me alive sometimes.

Sad part was that I spent the whole afternoon today thinking of you and if I could call again and listen to your empty words again and again full of promises you never keep. Shame on me that still hopes for the whisper of your Love always deep inside my memories. I have no one to blame myself. So fool so dumb to fall for the same things the repetition of what never have been. The same pain the same torture when we speak trying to keep it all and scream I love you.. when I see you.

One thing is for sure that I am happy and very grateful to God and life that even when I was able to listen to the words that you spill like water in a river that never find the end of it. I was able to hear you viscount know you are "fine". I was able to talk with others that I never imagine I could in just one day. So Thanks for that. I dont ask for too much just respect and love.. Thanks..

hope you had an awesome thanksgiving day cause I surely had.

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Saturday, July 24, 2004

The best week... for my mind... Loving from the distance

Umm what have I done....

I just wrote a letter that maybe wasnt meant to be written but is kind of late now to think like that.. In the end i just made my mind, heart and soul free of all this stress that they had..

I expressed myself thing that I should have done long ago when things could have meant something... but I have no regrets now and it feels wonderfull.... to free yourself of the things that once were hurting you...

The sad part of all this is that now I am worried for the one that the letter was made 'cause maybe.. (not maybe) I know he will be confused and all the mess but I just will say that this was a selfish act... and I had to make it this way... Maybe things arent so bad after all and they will get better after all this... who knows... only God knows..

Still when I dont want anything from him or with him, I care way too much cause when you really love you let go if you understand that it wont happen that it wont work... that it cant happen.. when you really love someone you wish them happiness and blessings cause if they are happy then you are happy.. and that is what I feel.. how i feel now. I have been always happy for all that he haves acomplished as a father and husband in his family and I am proud of him...

From the distance... I have seen him change from the boy that I love to the man that he could have been by my side... But he choosed someone else...decision I respect with all my heart cause in the end I never told him I loved him so that was my downfall, but I had my reasons for doing so.

So it was his "happy" ending.. and my first lesson in Love 101 ... long lesson but I just passed the exam with honors I might say... at least that is what I think...

Saturday, July 24, 2004

Monday, May 24, 2004

Nothing new.. tal vez si...

nothing new.. tal vez si...

Monday, May 24, 2004@ 11:45 pm.

so nothing new have been going... nada bueno lo unico que tengo una oferta de trabajo en el gobierno .. el puesto que mi padre solia tener so eso quiere decir que valio la pena que se retirara... el mes que viene parto para Nicaragua el dia 19 y regreso el 29, un viaje misionero de la iglesia.. Todos estan emocionados por ir exepto yo. NO es que no quiera ir ... no tenia planeado en hacerlo pero el fin y al cabo sera un buen viaje... un cambio de atmosfera y un reality check siempre funcionan cuando uno esta confundido...

Aparte de eso.. nada nuevo.. tengo una mejor amiga que nunca veo o que ya ni le hablo casi.. por cuestion de tiempo la relacion como que se marchito ... gracias a las responsabilidades...malditas... la familia todo sigue igual.. nada.. cambia.. eso es todo adios...

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Writing Skills?

writing skills?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004@ 12:55 am.

So today what i have done work then work them back home then to the reunion with some people. After that well back home do the dishes adn all the rest after that get online and well here I am.

I have new friends and I am so amazed that he was calling you so i dont know... very good people... worried about what could go to my head or mind and be done quickly by myself...that is another story, ok....

I am going to Nicaragua next month on June so that is something different. I didnt want to go but i have to... wish is sad cause i have this feeling that someone needed it more than I.

I wrote this the other day so umm whatever... thanks..it haves no title...

The machiavel life that I havent lived is haunting me back. What should have been my end? What should have been my means or motives if not life it self?

Rather than enjoying this supposed armoniously well lived present I still enjoy my mediocre shady life. So I have prefered to become anti-futuristic though i believe in it.

My north is the future, my east is the faith where the light of wisdom shines like the sun. My south are the shadows of my doubts, my tears and my lows. My west the rebellion agaisnt happiness taking my thru the path of angryness and selfish pleasures.

In the end my life is an universe in a collision that have become a consufion ready to explode -like the big bang- and make it a simple star in the twilight that will probably lead other rebellious souls to their machiavel life without means or ends thru a destiny that is uncertain and unknown.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

The world..

Wondering of...

The world..

Wednesday, March 24, 2004@ 6:21 pm.

The world is full of sickness and despair... it haves become the monster that human kind have been creating since we were made by God. We have tried to tame the beast but we cant. It haves become more powerfull than us. She always have been more powerfull than us.

Thing is that we have missunderstood and understemate our own creation. And right now our creation is demanding its territory with every flood, earthquake and hurracaine. It is screaming look what you have done to me you made me and now you forsake me? that is forbiden. God have been replaced by the future and the present quickly turns in to our past.

Days go by and we dont even love, we dont even have pitty for ourselves. We have become arrogants beofre the humbleness of what someday was the mankind. Our ego have become larger than life on its own. We have become gods of no kingdom, kings of no castles.


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